Her Look

Echo’s Original Voice

Text by Calire Baiz • Photo by Phillip Procopio

Echo Ukrainetz doesn’t have style—she embodies it. “Dressing,” this Great Falls artist says, “is like decorating a canvas.”

When Ukrainetz taught at Great Falls High, her students always picked up on a splashy knotted scarf, a chunky necklace or a new pair of shoes. Even fellow artists took note: the late portrait artist Arlene Hooker Fay would comment on Ukrainetz outfits as though she was a walking exhibit.

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Rambling Vines, Take 6

Trivial Facts About Wine

Text by Gene Betz • Photography by Jim Wells

Some useful…some not so much…You decide.

1. I’m always amazed at how particular many people are about what they drink and what they refuse to drink. For many years our serious wine enthusiasts refused to drink any of the great dry rose’s we offer. “I don’t drink pink wine” they’d say. White Zinfandel ruined the rose’ market for many years. Luckily for all of us, Branjoli managed to convince us that rose’s can be pretty darned good with the right meal/weather.

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Written by Claire Baiz • Photos by Daphne Wade

DSC_9018 copy

Hartelius, Durocher & Winter PC 118 6th St. South

Local Lawyers Offer Legal Advice

Hartelius, Durocher & Winter are hometown guys made good: these Great Falls High grads have been practicing law at their current location on the corner of Sixth Street and First Avenue South since 2010.

It’s logical that Channing Hartelius, the firm’s senior legal counsel, feels at home in a building that once housed a TV studio: whether he’s dressed as Austin Powers for a charity event or making an impassioned plea to a jury, there’s no denying that Channing was born to perform.

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Is It OK to Use the Bathroom When You’re Touring a House?

(and 4 Other Questions You’re Afraid to Ask)

Text provided by Stacey Freed, HouseLogic.com

It’s a marathon house-hunting day. As you check out listing No. 5’s brand new windows, it suddenly hits you: “Oh man, I have to go to the bathroom.”

Should you, or shouldn’t you?

Navigating do’s and don’ts can be totally awkward, so we asked the pros everything most buyers secretly want to know.

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Low & Slow

Bringing a bit of the south out west at Bad Betty’s Barbecue

“If loving lard is wrong, I don’t want to be right,” reads the sign on the counter, a not so subtle indicator that at Bad Betty’s Barbecue flavor comes first.

Fiercely regional and deeply debated, for true devotees, barbecue is practically a way of life. One built around community and tradition, elevating the lowest meats to the highest levels of flavor through time-tested techniques. It’s edible alchemy, transforming the toughest cuts into the tastiest, the most tender.

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