Montana Tomatoes

Enjoy the Taste of Summer with Minimal Fuss

Text and Photography by Amy Grisak

Tomatoes are treasures of the garden and many of us wait in great anticipation for that first delicious bite. The good news is even in Montana’s short season, practically anyone can grow this prolific and scrumptious fruit.

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People & Parties

IMG 2901.JPG
IMG 2907.JPG
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IMG 2900.JPG
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Nicole Lohse, Erin Evenhus
Chris Cummings And Nicole Lohse
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Shannon Hoiland And Cara And Phil Piccono
Kyle Baker
Dr. Bridget Brennan And Reverend Brennan
Brittnea Collins
Sandra Haverlandt, Tony Longin, Brett Haverlandt
Mike Nelson, Vickie Donisthorp, Rebecca Nelson
IMG 0036
IMG 0035
IMG 0034
IMG 0033
Rikki Serfoss, Raelynn Buloch & Roxie Lewis
R To L  Dr. Jason Heiken, Bridget Brown Ekstrom, Jamie Price, Darin Arganbrite, Brad Stephenson, Vicki Worral, Marlo Briese
Marlo Briese, Lori Benjamen, Vicki Worral
Lori Benjammen, Bruce Walker & Mike Onstad
Julie Burwell Hardy, Tad Gillan, Tonya Jenkins
Jason Heiken, Robert Wood, Mike Jovanovich & Dirk Cappis
IMG 6825
IMG 4153
IMG 6821
IMG 4177
IMG 4185
Fort Benton High School Class Of 1987
Bridget (Brown) Ekstrom, Jason Heiken, Hayley Lenington Leray, Beverly (Jolley) Endicott
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17622090 1724031124293164 4429853080679456498 O
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17553667 10212286550942365 5471106948536933906 N
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Spring Fling

Have a Love Affair with this Season’s Trendy & Flirty Looks

Photography by Jacqui Smith • Shot at Great Northern Carousel
Hair and Makeup by Katie Rice, Pure Hair Spa

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Getting’ Creative

Closet Clothes-Out

Text by Tina Bowen | Photo by Jesse Martinez

Did you know that we only wear 30% of what’s in our closet? As that sobering fact sinks in, think about what remains in the 70% that’s just taking up valuable space in your closet. It’s time to purge! Although it can seem overwhelming, here are some helpful hints about downsizing. The first step is to separate your closet into 3 categories: keep, toss, and donate. Since we are entering the spring season, the best place to start is with the seasonal clothing you just finished wearing. The fact that some of the winter clothes didn’t even make it off the shelf is a good clue that it could be in the toss or donate pile.

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History to Hotspot

The Historic Montana Building’s Next Chapter

Text by Holly Matkin | Photography by Jim Wells

On an unassuming side street in downtown Great Falls, a renewed energy is buzzing through a stately 88-year-old brick building just north of Central Avenue. Commonly known as the Montana Building, this four-floor structure was originally constructed in 1929 in order to house the office spaces of a cooperative of medical professionals. Over the course of nearly a century, its rooms have been occupied by attorneys, doctors, dentists and an array of small businesses, interspersed with poignant stretches of vacancies that have made its vastness all the more prominent. Through good years and bad, the Montana Building has awaited its next opportunity to shine, standing as a silent witness to the evolution of the city’s business epicenter.

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Spring into a Fun Bootcamp

Text by Becky Acra | Photography by Jim Wells

“Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name!”

When it comes to fitness and working out or starting a new sport that’s exactly what you need. We might not know your name now, but after one visit to Cheers! Fitness, you will feel like instant family. When starting a new work out routine sometimes a small class environment is just what you need. From building relationships to enhancing competitive instincts, a bootcamp workout is often the key for an individual to jumpstart their fitness goals. Bootcamp offers a total body overhaul in a more intimate setting than traditional weight rooms and gyms. Below are a few examples of some exercises you might experience at Cheers! fitness boot camp.

*Warning: Being a part of Cheers! Fitness may cause confidence to rise, muscles to grow, clothes to fit, children to flip, and families to smile.

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