Beating Your Back Pain

Text by Dr. Benny Brandvold, Benefis Neurosurgeon and Director of Neurotrauma
and Dr. Paul Miller, Benefis Orthopedic Spine Surgeon

Most Americans will experience an episode of significant back pain over the course of their lives. The good news is: most back problems get better on their own – approximately 90 percent of patients with lower back problems recover within six weeks, including those with disk herniations.

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Spring Cleaning

Text and Photography provided by Studio Montage

We’ve had a long, harsh winter…many snow days, bitter cold, dry air, and almost no sun. Spring is a great time to do some much needed care on your skin and body. With dreams of summer ahead, start thinking about being at the lake, lots of fun photos and vacations with family and friends. Here are some great spring preps to help look your best when summer hits.

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How Old is Old Enough to Mow the Lawn?

Text provided by Dona DeZube,

There’s a reason we have children — so there’s someone else to unload the dishwasher and mow the lawn.

The American Academy of Pediatrics thinks your kids shouldn’t be driving a riding mower until they’re 16 years old, not because their rows won’t be even and they’ll miss patches, but because they’re too likely to get hurt.

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A Last Thought


Text by Claire Baiz

While I discuss the relative merits of a tile sample, my husband tilts his head and gazes, puppy-like, past my shoulder. I get it. He wants to go outside. Well, Buddy, not until I get some cogent feedback.

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