The Look

You’ve Got The Look

Text & Hair by Katie Rice • Photography by Jacqui Smith

Summer is finally here! Break into your summer mood with the latest trends. Heavy waterline eyeliner is out! It makes your eyes look smaller and tired at the end of the day. Keep liner away from your lower, outer, eye line and highlight to give yourself a visual face lift. Braiding and wand curls will keep your look fresh all summer.

Daytime Makeup:

Always make sure to contour before foundation, Urban Decay’s Naked Skin is great selection. When it dries, it stays in place all day. I use Lira tinted moisturizer as a foundation because it is loaded with healthy moisture and sunscreen.  Some of my favorite eye shadows are pink, gold and plumb from Tarte. When shaping your eyebrows, use Youngblood eyebrow pencil for a zero rub consistant color. Too Faced Cocoa Contour will give flawless shape to your face. I used Praline Rose LipSense with Glossy Gloss to polish the look. LipSense is an 18-24 hour lip color that will stay through eating, drinking and even swimming.

Daytime Hair:

Braiding is practical and keeps your look trendy. To achieve this look, back comb your crown and curl your hair with a 3/4” barrel, starting mid-shaft. Add two loose Dutch style braids and bobby pin them in the back.

Evening Makeup:

To tune up your makeup from the day, reapply Too Faced Cocoa Contour and make those beautiful cheek bones pop! Add shimmer to your eye shadow for a romantic glow. I used Urban Decay for a smoky look. On the lower eye, apply a light shimmer eye shadow on the inner and outer eye and black shimmer in the center to achieve a liner look without going heavy. For irresistible lips, Roseberry LipSense with B Gloss. LipSense does not come off! Eat dinner and steal a kiss.

Evening Hair:

I chose a very romantic evening look for those hot summer nights after the sun goes down. To achieve, back comb thoroughly through your entire hair, making sure the back combing stays close to the scalp. This will create structural stability for bobby pin placement. Curl your hair in small sections starting at the root. Begin placing your curls at the crown first. Then, place the curls near your face next, followed by the back curls. Wrap the curls around your fingers before pinning to give the signature barrel curl look.

~ Katie is a Montana native and being a stylist and boutique owner is not only Katie’s profession, but her passion. She has been a cosmetologist for 12 years, and has worked in Montana, California and Japan. She has owned Moda Amore Boutique for 2 years.  Katie raises the loves of her life, Jacky and Eden, in the Helena community.

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Spring Cleaning

Text and Photography provided by Studio Montage

We’ve had a long, harsh winter…many snow days, bitter cold, dry air, and almost no sun. Spring is a great time to do some much needed care on your skin and body. With dreams of summer ahead, start thinking about being at the lake, lots of fun photos and vacations with family and friends. Here are some great spring preps to help look your best when summer hits.

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Cozy Up for the Winter

Text and Photography provided by Penthouse Salon

As temperatures dip lower, bring your focus outward. “Winter” and “beauty” don’t exactly cozy up together around a fireplace like old friends. Here are some cold weather tips for glowing in the darkest and coldest season.

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2016 Autumn Makeup Trends

Text and Photography provided by Phil Procopio

I’ve been doing makeup for 10 years now and every time I get to paint someone’s face, I get excited every time. That’s right…paint! Makeup is an art, makeup can be transformative, empowering or even healing. As the seasons and trends change, so does makeup. Here are a few eye-catching fall 2016 favorites you should be stocking up on now.

Concealer: Kat Von D Lock It Concealer – Full coverage and lasts all day.

Lashes: Ardel False Lashes in

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Skin Essentials for Summer

Photography provided by Phil Procopio

Skincare has become ever more increasingly important to me as I advance in life. When we ignore our skin, it becomes dull, aged, dry, and acne ridden. Summer is especially important for good skincare as we are in the sun more, exposed to more environmental aggressors and are just too busy to keep it up. So here are some of my favorite summer essentials for skin to keep it radiant, fresh and looking good.

Aveda Daily Light Guard


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Text and photography provided by Phil Procopio

Would you ever think the world of beauty would be synonymous with the world wide web? In 2016, more and more people are turning to the web for everything beauty. YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest…all great resources for not only product information but step by step tutorials and lessons. I often tell my clients, these youtubers, instagramers and pinteresters, are like having me in your home walking you through all your beauty questions. I even turn to them once and a while for inspiration. These are just a few of my favorites that I follow and recommend to my clients.

Pixiwoo - YouTube One of the first mega makeup gurus on YouTube, Sam and Nic have a huge selection of tutorials to choose from.  They’re extremely talented and very relatable.

Pixiwoo – YouTube
One of the first mega makeup gurus on YouTube, Sam and Nic have a huge selection of tutorials to choose from. They’re extremely talented and very relatable.

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