Cozy Up for the Winter

Text and Photography provided by Penthouse Salon

As temperatures dip lower, bring your focus outward. “Winter” and “beauty” don’t exactly cozy up together around a fireplace like old friends. Here are some cold weather tips for glowing in the darkest and coldest season.

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Kids Rooms

Storage solutions for every age

Text provided by Jan Soults Walker,

From babies who adore you to teens who ignore you, kids change — and so do their storage needs. Here’s how to organize kids’ rooms from cradle to college.

Cradle Crawlers

Transformer cribs. An ordinary crib accommodates baby for two to three years — until he learns how to escape over the rail. Boost storage with a convertible crib with storage drawers ($145 to $350) that’ll convert and adapt to your toddler’s needs and beyond. Some convertible cribs change into toddler beds, daybeds, or full-size headboards, giving you options as your youngster gets older. If you can’t find a crib with storage below, use the space between the legs for stowing bins or baskets for diapers, toys, and more. Pimping the closet. Remove the door on the nursery closet for easy access, and install a variety of cool storage features. Drawers, bins, and shelves can round up onesies, booties, baby towels, diapers, and toiletries. A simple wire rack storage system is $90 to $350 at home improvement centers. Install lower rods so baby, as he grows, can easily latch onto duds (and maybe even hang them up). Expandable hangers ($14 for a 3-pack) fit tiny baby clothes but open up to accommodate larger sizes when needed.

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Financial Focus

Text provided by Edward Jones

As an investor, your main goals will change at different times in your life. During your working years, you need to grow as many resources as possible for retirement. Once you retire, however, you will likely need to focus more on getting income from your investments. But what are your options?

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From Big Sky to Big Sky(scraper)

Text by Claire Baiz

“Can you at least wait until I die?”

My mother was only half joking.

I wasn’t about to succumb to guilt. Most people move away from home when they’re kids—I’m almost sixty. “Tell you what, Mom,” I sighed. “Why don’t we wait until after I die?”

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