Bill Ryder Horses: Metal Artist Welds Scrap into Art

Creativity is always a leap of faith. Writers sit down in front of empty pages. Painters stare before blank easels. Thespians rehearse looking toward empty stages.

Metal artist Bill Ryder’s leap of faith is experimental by nature. He explores his creativity with Smith Corona plug-in typewriters, antique Dromann seam machines, silvery cable chains discovered at garage sales, sheet metal from Pacific Steel, and the curved internal organs of 8 mm projectors purchased from thrift shops. His leap of faith is as much self-exploration as it is the celebration of the torch flickers and vintage portions all part of the process.

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What a Difference a Glass Makes

What’s in a Glass? If you drink wine, you’ve probably had discussions or read articles about glassware. One person says plastic tumblers or canning jars are perfectly OK and the next says the right glassware is critical to enjoying your wine. So…who’s right?

Jill, our staff, and I use Riedel Overture series Magnum red wine glasses for almost everything we drink. And, since we drink primarily red wines, this is OK. They’re perfect for drinking Cabs and Merlots because they are thin and they bring out the nose and flavors so well. And, as an added bonus, the Vinum series are very sturdy and inexpensive, as well. We received a set of four of them two and a half years ago as a gift and, even though they are used everyday, we still have two of them intact.

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Goal Posts & Chromosomes

Great Falls High School’s Brian Sullivan is accustomed to working with a broad range of skill sets. This year he’s teaching two advanced placement (AP) biology courses for seniors, and two introductory classes to sophomores.

This busy husband and father of two boys is also the offensive line coach for all levels of GFHS’ football squads: sophomore, JV, and varsity.

Though both of his parents had been educators, Sullivan didn’t discover his love for teaching until he attended Montana State University. His love of coaching came while student-teaching, when a friend needed help on the turf.

After fifteen years teaching and coaching, Sullivan is heartened by thank you notes from former students– and he’ll keep “doing goofy things” in the biology lab and on the football field to keep kids on their toes.

“Teaching is coaching,” Sullivan says, “and coaching is teaching.”

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From Pastries to Paleo

If your name sounds like it belongs to a country singer, you’d better do something that generates applause.

Linelle Lee is earning standing ovations for her two passions: this pastry chef and paleo fan offers paleo and gluten-free options on her Facebook page, Dulce Creations. If you can’t wait for a full meal, try one of her featured pastries at Electric City Coffee.

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Belgian or Bust

I recently stumbled across a Belgian themed brewery in Post Falls, Idaho called Selkirk Abbey Brewing Company. It struck me as odd to locate a Belgian brewery in northern Idaho, but the owners claim they love Belgian beer, they live there, love it there, and they have no plans of moving. It’s as simple as that! They bottle their brews in 650 ml, or 22 ounce bottles, not to mention the stiff alcohol numbers… whoo-hoo! Out of 15 or so, I tracked down five of their year-round, seasonal and special brews. Beer research being my favorite topic, I attempted to try all of them in one afternoon/ evening. Not a great idea! Needless to say, I made it through three and finished the remaining two the following day.

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Secrets to Investment Success

Many people look for the “secrets” to investment success. Is it timing the market just right? Is it finding those hot stocks or getting in on the “ground floor” of the next big thing? Actually, these types of moves have little relevance to the vast majority of investors — even the most successful ones. So let’s take a look at some steps you can take that can be effective in helping you work toward your financial goals.

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