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Spicin’ Up the Nog

This winter inspired libation is one that many either adore or despise and rarely is there any middle ground for persuasion. It’s not difficult to understand the hesitation behind eggnog; just the thought of eating raw eggs, milk and sugar raises some serious red flags. But if you think about it, unfrozen ice cream has the same basic components and not too many folks plant a red flag in that bowl when it’s set in from of them.

The key to great eggnog means: not too sweet, not too thick and topped off with a perfect milk-to-booze ratio and spice combination. This holiday season we are spicing up the nog in hopes of satisfying the lovers and converting the haters with a pumpkin twist on this creamy seasonal concoction. Cheers to a pumpkin inspired eggnog that truly captures the flavor of the holiday season. Cheers!

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Holiday Menu for Any Occasion

The new star of the holiday table: Stuffed Pork Loin

If you are ready to wow your family and guests with something different this holiday season, the kitchen at Pizazz has three stuffed pork loin recipes that will impress even the Scroogiest of guests. Each of these stuffed pork roasts sings their holiday praises with traditional ingredients; comfort food presented in a new way! Don’t worry about the sides, we’ve selected sides that will work with all of our new stars for an easy holiday meal.

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Suzanne Waring

A life-long interest in communications made Suzanne Waring first a college instructor and then a writer. She lives in Great Falls and writes about Montana people and their communities.

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Polly Kolstad

Polly Kolstad lives in Great Falls and on a wheat ranch in Liberty County. She writes travel, fitness, and human interest stories when not cooking or tending to her field of Chinese lanterns.

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Shane Klippenes

Shane Klippenes is a career Fire Captain/Paramedic with a love for backpacking and exploring the lesser known corners of Central Montana with his wife and three teenage daughters, who are constant reminder of what is truly important in life.

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Brian D’Ambrosio

Brian D’Ambrosio is the author of “Warrior in the Ring: The Life of Marvin Camel,” available Fall 2014 (Riverbend Publishing), and he is currently at work on biographies of Rastafarian boxing champion Livingstone Bramble and Italian-American racecar driver Ralph DePalma (1882-1956).

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