Dennis and Jeri Lynn Siller are a husband-and-wife team who put their souls into soles at their Great Falls boot and shoe repair shop.

 Serving Generations @ Siller’s Boot and Shoe Repair

Text by Holly Matkin •  Photography by Daphne Wade

Serving Generations Siller’s Boot and Shoe Repair

When Dennis and Jeri Lynn Siller began serving the Great Falls area in 1970, their boot and shoe repair shop had already been operating since 1924. Dennis’s father, 

Casper, purchased the business in 1958, and for over the past four decades, Dennis and Jeri Lynn have repaired and built countless pairs of footwear for their customers – some of whom have been faithful clients for three or four generations.  

Recalling his most memorable repair was easy for Dennis. “A pair of clown shoes about thirty-five years ago,” he replies without pause.

Today, the Sillers have no shortage of work in their repair shop. “We’re actually looking to find and train our replacements,” Dennis says.   “We need people with good hand-eye coordination – crafty people with natural talent who also work well with our customers. It’s not a job that everyone can do.”  If you would like to continue the Sillers’ tradition of service, Dennis encourages you to stop by the shop. Bringing your clown shoes is optional.

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University of Providence Professor with a World of Knowledge

Text by Holly Matkin •  Photography by Jim Wells

Born and raised in Austria, Dr. Sylvia Lindinger-Sternart has traveled the globe as a student, speaker, researcher and humanitarian.

Many people are fortunate to have one successful career in their lifetime.  Dr. Sylvia Lindinger-Sternart, program coordinator and core faculty for the Master of Science in Counseling at the University of Providence, is currently in the midst of successful career number two.

Originally educated and employed as a mechanical engineer, Dr. Lindinger-Sternart later found herself drawn to the study of mental health. “I truly loved both fields,” she says. “But I thought maybe I could help people to develop themselves and to be healthy.” 

Dr. Lindinger-Sternart went on to obtain four additional degrees in both Austria and the United States, culminating with her Ph.D. of Counselor Education and Supervision. Despite her countless accomplishments, she remains ever humble and open-minded – traits undoubtedly bolstered by the time she has spent gaining insight from cultures around the world.

Dr. Lindinger-Sternart is currently teaching three courses at University of Providence, and is quick to identify her favorite thing about living in Great Falls.  “It’s the students, of course,” she says. “I’m motivated by making a positive impact. I want to help students to become the best clinicians so they can help others. And I love the landscape: the wide, endless land.”

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Bottle of the Sexes


Text by Heather Palermo & Cory Crawford • Photography by Jesse Martinez

“Summer, summer, summertime… time to sit back and unwind.” Ok, who knows these lyrics? Fresh Prince, of course. Summertime in Montana is amazing. Long, warm days, perfect nights – what a great time for some refreshing adult beverages. What are your favorites in the summer? Below are some of ours for you to try. 

 Once again, I am starting off with one word – vodka. Vodka drinks in the summer are cool and refreshing from the basic vodka and soda (or tonic) with a lemon (or lime) to boozy Arnold Palmer’s to Moscow 

Mules. While there are many drinks to choose from, one I happened to have in Helena, a while back, is a favorite. 

Back when Gulch Distillers was Triple Divide, I had their “Standard House” drink. They still serve it, only now with Triple Divide Vodka. It is super refreshing and perfect on the river or on your best friend’s deck while watching the sunset.


        • 2 oz Triple Divide Vodka (any vodka will work)

        • ¾ oz of Ginger Syrup

        • ¾ oz of Lemon Juice

        • ½ oz of Honey Syrup

        • 1 dash of Lavender Bitters

        • Put all of these in a shaker with ice and shake.

        • Pour in to a Collins glass, or a red solo cup, and top with soda. Garnish with a lemon wedge. 

Wondering about the Ginger and Honey Syrup? These are easy to make at home (which the husband did for me). Basically, you need water, sugar and the ginger/honey and bring it all to a boil. For more detailed recipes, search them up on Google. Lavender bitters are a bit harder to find but can be ordered online. 

Meanwhile, back on the farm…because that is pretty much all I do during the warmer months.  

While my lovely wife is gallivanting about the state, trying tasty new libations and enjoying the sunshine, I find myself 

getting lots of equally enjoyable time driving around in big boy toys – tractors, sprayers, trucks, combines, and the like.  But life cannot be all work, and I find myself grilling and chilling in the evenings; maximal flavor and minimal work, aka dishes.  Smoke, spices, herbs, and a fine piece of meat.  What more can a (seasonal) bachelor want?

And this is where my summertime sweetheart comes into the story.  Bursting with raspberries and fresh herbs, red pepper, minerals, and sometimes a strange, but welcome hint of bell peppers, Cabernet Franc is just the ticket for my quiet nights on the back deck.  It takes well to being chilled a little – a precious attribute for a red in ninety-degree heat.

Cab Franc can be difficult to find, but persevere and enjoy the fruits of your labor.  Look to Washington and California vineyards, the Chinon and Bourgueil appellations of France, Livorno province in Italy, and Colchagua in Chile.  Like any wine, the flavors will reflect the dirt and climate of where they are grown, so be sure to try a variety of the vintners’ offerings.

As a parting note, try this:  grab a grilling fork and use some string to tie a handful of herbs (rosemary, thyme, parsley) to it.  Use this to baste a mixture of olive oil, lemon, garlic, and a little red pepper onto whatever you feel like grilling.  Turn and baste every couple of minutes.  When the food is done, chop up the tip of your basting brush and mix it with some salt, pepper, and olive oil.  Drizzle that delicious concoction over your grilled masterpiece, and serve.  With a Cab Franc, of course.

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