How to Prevent Freezing Pipes

Text provided by Douglas Trattner,

By taking preventive measures before cold weather arrives, you can prevent freezing pipes and the costly damage that goes with them.

Wicked winter weather can cause plumbing pipes to freeze and possibly burst, causing flooding and costly water damage to your home. Taking preventive measures before winter sets in can reduce and eliminate the risk of frozen pipes and other cold-weather threats.

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What Can a Presidential Election Year Mean for the Markets?

Text provided by Stifel Nicolaus

With the presidential election just around the corner, you might be wondering what, if any, effect it will have on the markets. One prominent investment theory seeks to link the two.

Developed by market historian Yale Hirsch, the Presidential Election Cycle Theory suggests that the stock market typically fluctuates in regular patterns over the course of a Presidential term, with the first two years tending to be the weakest, and years three (the pre-election year) and four (the election year) typically offering stronger returns.

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Long Buried:

Helena’s Precious Dinosaur

Text by Claire Baiz

“Yes. I was there.” Frieda Fligelman forced a smile. She said it again, softer the second time. “Now, let’s talk about something else.”

I was eighteen, she was eighty-five. Fligelman was treating me to lunch upstairs at the historic Montana Club, a block off Helena’s Last Chance Gulch. She refused to say what she witnessed in Wenceslas Square in Prague, Czechoslovakia, in October 1918.

Though we met several more times, I never pried. Was there a lost love in Prague? Perhaps, after fifty-seven years, she was still overcome by World War I, the

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