The Pippin Pipeline

Shannon Pippin sits on her porch swing outside her Great Falls home.

Shannon Pippin sits on her porch swing outside her Great Falls home.

Lawton, Oklahoma to Great Falls, Montana

Text by Claire Baiz  •  Photography by Phil Procopio

From a dining room table overlooking Big Sky Country, Shannon Pippin oversees the service department for Pippin Brothers, a thriving plumbing and heating company in far-off Lawton, Oklahoma.
        So far she’s making it work with phone calls, emails, FaceTime, and a monthly trip to see her family and meet co-workers face to face. “It would be harder if I had to deal directly with our eighteen service techs, but we have a great team…I help match the right technician to the job, supervise the website, and work on our expansion into Texas.”
        Shannon is more comfortable than she expected to be, working from home—though sometimes she has to commandeer that dining room table for a few days at a time.
        With a boyfriend who has shared custody of his 16-year-old twins—and an active role in the Great Falls Homebuilder’s Association, Shannon is warming to local social life, fitness, and family fun.
        Though Shannon enjoys cozy nights in snowy northcentral Montana, this warm-weather transplant is already excited to see the first signs of spring.

Claire Baiz

Claire Baiz is a writer who divides her time between Big Sky Country and the Big Apple. She’s been published in the USA Today, Untitled Magazine, Molotov Cocktail, and the Jewish Magazine. Contact Claire through her blog,