Preacher Lady

Do you know someone who has had to start life over?

Connie Beal, the Preacher Lady, has to step out on her own at mid-life. Along with her faithful dog, Sam, she moves to her first solo assignment as a pastor. This account takes Connie through that first year at Old West where she beats down the antagonism of being a woman in what is considered by some as a man’s job while at the same time attempting to revitalize a traditional church.

Knowing that she is inexperienced, Connie seeks guidance from multiple resources as she attempts to help those in her congregation with age-old problems, such as loneliness, grief, inability to forgive, poor health, dealing with difficult people, and abuse. Connie’s character leaps from the page to become a friend who has personal problems to overcome, like the rest of us.

You will enjoy reading how Connie kick-starts her new life in this delightful story in which Sam also plays a big role. He goes to work with Connie each day and is sometimes immense help but then there are days that he gets into mischief and acts like what you would expect from a dog. Preacher Lady by Suzanne Mundell Waring may be purchased at Hastings in Great Falls or on the Internet at Print copies will soon be available online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and independent book stores as well as in e-book format. Suzanne will be reading from Preacher Lady during the Celebration of the Book event at the Great Falls Public Library at 11 a.m. on Saturday, October 17, 2015.

Suzanne Waring

A life-long interest in communications made Suzanne Waring first a college instructor and then a writer. She lives in Great Falls and writes about Montana people and their communities.