Howlin’ Good: Coyote Coffee

Coyote Coffee: 528 Highway 200, Lincoln, MT

Kristin and Aaron Birkholtz don’t have much of a commute. This husband and wife team live within shouting distance of Coyote Coffee, a small drive-through place with a big reputation for coffee, ice cream treats and smoothies in Lincoln, Montana.

With a customer base that’s split about 50/50 between tourists and locals, Kristin says she still gets inquiries about Lincoln’s most infamous resident, Ted Kaczynski.”People want to get directions to the Unabomber’s cabin,” Kirsten says, “even though it was moved out of Montana years ago.”

Kristen’s favorite part of the family business is her customers. “They make my day, when they pull up and talk to me.”

Claire Baiz

Claire Baiz is a writer who divides her time between Big Sky Country and the Big Apple. She’s been published in the USA Today, Untitled Magazine, Molotov Cocktail, and the Jewish Magazine. Contact Claire through her blog,