His Look

Stylish Syd

Text by Claire Baiz • Photography by Phil Procopio

“My advice? Get a suit.”

Syd Shoffner learned how to dress to impress from his brother-in-law Mark Wilson, a former L.A. cop. When Syd was younger, Wilson took him to a California mall to buy a snazzy outfit. “When you grow up, kid,” Wilson told him, “you’re going to want to look nice.”


Shoffner, who works at Great Falls’ Boston Pizza, likes to show his style. On his feet for hours, Shoffner doesn’t skimp on shoes: he has a soft spot for shiny footwear, Italian leather and Tennessee craftsmanship.

Syd wants more than to look nice. After a series of sports injuries, he’s into fitness. That means getting back in shape—with a unique fitness program. This restaurant professional may even start a new fad: crosswalk training. You might spot Syd burning off a slice of pepperoni by doing pushups and sit-ups at intersections on his way to work.