Flowers, Seeds, Maps and More

Teresa G’s Flower Shop: 1702 Highway 200, Lincoln, MT

“All I know is how to buy and sell things,” Teresa Garland says with a smile. That’s not exactly true. Though running a successful business is in Teresa’s blood, she’s also blessed with a great sense of design, an energetic outlook, and a love for Lincoln, Montana.

Teresa G’s Flower Shop is an eclectic gift store that features local pottery and jewelry, huckleberry chocolates and even USGS topographical maps. Come spring, there are organic seeds and bedding plants along with hand-tied fishing flies.

“It’s a happy job,” says Teresa, who shares her building with her sister Becky, who owns a real estate and construction company, “People are always glad to get or give flowers.”

Claire Baiz

Claire Baiz is a writer who divides her time between Big Sky Country and the Big Apple. She’s been published in the USA Today, Untitled Magazine, Molotov Cocktail, and the Jewish Magazine. Contact Claire through her blog,