Ties that Bind

Taking a ‘TRUST’ing Look at Estate Planning

Stifel, Nicolaus & Company

A popular misconception regarding estate planning is that only the wealthy need to be concerned about the transfer of their assets. In reality, everyone should determine their goals and objectives for the transfer of their estate. In the event of your death, having a plan that clearly documents how your assets are to be distributed and who is to receive those assets is extremely important. Through estate planning, you can ensure your wishes are carried out as you had intended.

There are many types of estate planning tools, and your estate planning attorney can help you determine which tools are most appropriate for your situation. One valuable tool in estate planning is a trust. A trust is a set of instructions regarding how you would like your assets managed and then distributed to your beneficiaries. This legal document names an individual or entity (the “trustee”) who takes legal title to, and manages, the assets you transfer to the trust for the benefit of the persons (the “beneficiaries”) you specify in the trust document.

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A Modern Touch to Rustic

European Influence in a Montana Home

Text by Heather Bode  |  Photography courtesy of Golden Eagle Construction and Nicole Keintz

Dream homes start with a vision, or in this case, it starts with a dream in 2001. Marty Angeli explains, “I literally had a dream about buying property in Montana. It was right before I was deployed to Saudi. I took a week of leave, came up here from El Paso, rented a car, and drove all over the state. I came back through Canyon Ferry Lake and decided on this lot.” Angeli was no stranger to Helena. In the early to mid 90’s he was stationed at Fort Harrison for a time. “That’s when I really started appreciating the area,” he says.

The land remained untouched while Marty and his wife, Beth, moved to the city of Brussels in Belgium. Marty was stationed in Kabul. They fell in love with the old farmhouses dotting the landscape surrounding Brussels and eventually purchased one for themselves, perhaps unknowingly influencing the future.

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Men’s Winter Fashion

All Dressed Up with EveryWEAR to Go!

Photography by Jacqui Smith

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Candi-Dating 2016

When it comes to electing this nation’s leaders, it’s not about substance. It’s about ‘spin.’ If you’re like me, you’re already dizzy. Protracted campaigns should be declared unconstitutional: this is cruel and unusual punishment for candidates and voters.
        If it’s so painful for all the participants, why do we endure it? Listen close: that isn’t the Liberty Bell—it’s the ringing of cash registers, the ka-CHING of campaign spending and influence peddling. November is a long way off, and we have, for months, been plastered with partisan promises, threats and accusations

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