Essential Oils

A personal story by Monica Taylor

As I sit here staring at the cutest bald-headed 5 month old in the universe (mine, of course), I ponder how life-changing the last 18 months has been for me.  My journey to get here started in 2009 when I got married in June, pregnant in September and just so happy to be where I was in life.  In November of that year, I experienced my first loss – I was pregnant with twins and I miscarried one.  It was bittersweet.  I hadn’t thought much about twins and although my heart hurt, my energy went to safely carrying baby number 2 (lovingly nicknamed Thor) to term.  At 18 weeks gestation on January 22, 2010, my doctor couldn’t find a heartbeat – Thor had decided to join his brother as one of my angels.  Ouch. We started trying to conceive again as soon as we could and that turned out to be a much longer road than anticipated.  Over the next four plus years, we tried every holistic approach I could think of and also went to a fertility doctor for testing.  Nothing was “wrong” with either of us.  Then in the spring of 2014, my girlfriend introduced me to Young Living Essential Oils, which happened to be a holistic method I had not tried, so I gave it a whirl.  I started using oils to support my endocrine system (in charge of my hormones).  I also changed all of my cleaning supplies to all-natural cleaners, and started making my own bath & body products – all using essential oils.  This regimen began in June, 2014 – 3 months later we received a positive pregnancy test and on June 28, 2015, my life changed forever. I didn’t just jump into Young Living. I researched for weeks before deciding this was the company for me.  Young Living has been in the business of essential oils since 1994, making it the oldest essential oil company in America.  Young Living offers 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils; they own their own farms all over the globe and grow their own plant materials; they distill their own oils; they test oil quality while distilling; they personally test every oil at their lab AND at third party labs; they allow the public to tour their farms; and they offer the Seed to Seal Guarantee (  While there are other essential oil companies in the U.S. that can make a few of these claims, Young Living is the ONLY company that can make them all. Although I only share one incredible story about the power of essential oils, I have discovered many uses for them in my household including immune and nervous system support, alleviating upset stomachs, promoting restful sleep, encouraging proper nasal function, and supporting overall wellness in my family. If you or someone you love is interested in starting your oily journey, contact me for more information at