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Phil Procopio

Phil would like to live in a world where pizza has no calories, everyone loves Jesus and there’s a force field around his couch that repels dog hair. As a hair dresser, makeup artist, photographer and self proclaimed King of Blowouts, he’s been working in the beauty industry for almost 10 years. His work has been featured in publications across Montana, L.A., NY and Italy. When he’s not making women beautiful you can find him working at Victory Church or playing fetch with his first child, Graham, a 1 year old boxer.

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Todd Klassey

Todd Klassey is a commercial photographer who covers the more rural parts of Montana. He specializes in agriculture, cowboy, and travel related photography. See more of his work at

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Rhonda Atkins

It’s all about food! Rhonda Atkins specializes in food and food product photography. Her work has been published locally, statewide and nationally. She nourishes her food soul by blogging, teaching cooking classes and promoting community gardening. She graduated from Rocky Mountain School of Photography.

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