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Claire Baiz

Claire Baiz is a writer who divides her time between Big Sky Country and the Big Apple. She’s been published in the USA Today, Untitled Magazine, Molotov Cocktail, and the Jewish Magazine. Contact Claire through her blog,

Candi-Dating 2016

When it comes to electing this nation’s leaders, it’s not about substance. It’s about ‘spin.’ If you’re like me, you’re already dizzy. Protracted campaigns should be declared unconstitutional: this is cruel and unusual punishment for candidates and voters.
        If it’s so painful for all the participants, why do we endure it? Listen close: that isn’t the Liberty Bell—it’s the ringing of cash registers, the ka-CHING of campaign spending and influence peddling. November is a long way off, and we have, for months, been plastered with partisan promises, threats and accusations

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My Bad Yard

From the moment the first green shoots poke up until the last crackle underfoot, I vacillate between embarrassment and pride at the state of our yard.

My husband and I are cruel stewards: instead of letting our grass die, we make it suffer. Moments before the once-green swords buckle in defeat, we drag out a hose. We may not be “lawn people” but dammit, we have enough pride to prevent precious Montana topsoil from blowing to North Dakota.

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Goal Posts & Chromosomes

Great Falls High School’s Brian Sullivan is accustomed to working with a broad range of skill sets. This year he’s teaching two advanced placement (AP) biology courses for seniors, and two introductory classes to sophomores.

This busy husband and father of two boys is also the offensive line coach for all levels of GFHS’ football squads: sophomore, JV, and varsity.

Though both of his parents had been educators, Sullivan didn’t discover his love for teaching until he attended Montana State University. His love of coaching came while student-teaching, when a friend needed help on the turf.

After fifteen years teaching and coaching, Sullivan is heartened by thank you notes from former students– and he’ll keep “doing goofy things” in the biology lab and on the football field to keep kids on their toes.

“Teaching is coaching,” Sullivan says, “and coaching is teaching.”

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From Pastries to Paleo

If your name sounds like it belongs to a country singer, you’d better do something that generates applause.

Linelle Lee is earning standing ovations for her two passions: this pastry chef and paleo fan offers paleo and gluten-free options on her Facebook page, Dulce Creations. If you can’t wait for a full meal, try one of her featured pastries at Electric City Coffee.

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